About Us

Fulfilling a life-time dream of owning and operating an event facility, Lori and Jeff purchased the farm in June 2003 and named it "Brae Fearann", which is Gaelic for "hillside farm". This name was chosen in honor of the Scottish history of Harvey Station, where the farm is located. Originally a thriving Jersey dairy farm, Brae Fearann has been converted into a competition facility.

Both Lori and Jeff work full-time away from the farm, so it is a real challenge to juggle work, riding, building the facility, haying, and competing. We realize that you have to be either really crazy or really passionate about horses to live this lifestyle . . . we are probably a little of both!

Besides housing horses Dez, Fred, Sam and the latest addition, wee Fergus, at Brae Fearann, Lori and Jeff enjoy sharing the farm with their dogs, Ella (an SPCA rescue, part Lab, Shepherd and perhaps Greyhound) and Spirit (a Great Pyrennes escapee/rescue that adopted us), cats Callie, Tiggie, and Molly, and a hen house full of busy layers.

Ella Spirit

We have dedicated our Cross Country water complex to Webber, our chocolate lab, whom we lost to old age in May 2008. "Web" loved to swim and his warm spirit is always with us. In the fall 2010, we lost little Bradford and in 2012 we lost Lester, the cat who loved long walks in the back fields. We miss them all very much!

Webber Bradford

Coach's Bio

Photo of Lori

Lori is an Equine Canada certified coach who has been teaching since the late 90’s. She is currently the President of Horse Trials New Brunswick and she and her husband are devoted to promoting the Eventing sport within the province.

Having received her basic riding skills at Geary Hill Stables as a young girl, Lori moved to Toronto in the early 80's and discovered the world of Eventing under her coach at the time, Joni Peters. Lori found Eventing to be the ultimate challenge for both horse and rider and began a long love affair with the sport. Lori has competed in Florida, Virginia, Ontario, Manitoba, the Maritimes, and in Germany where she trained and worked as a rider for a year.

Before the long format collapsed in Canada, Lori and her best friend horse, Fred, placed 10th at a CCI* at Glen Oro Farms in Ontario. Over the past several year, Lori and her horse, Dez, have trained and competed, with coach Karen O’Connor in Florida and Virginia, placing in the ribbons at Florida Horse Park several times and winning at Surefire Horse Trial in Virginia. Des - I Love Lucy It was an honor when Karen O’Connor asked Lori to join their support team at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010 - Memories that will last a lifetime to be surrounded by such excellence! In Winter 2012, with a desire to check out the mecca Eventing community in Aiken, Lori escaped to South Carolina to train and compete, with coach Adrianne Iorio.

Lori is currently working towards gaining her cross country course designer status and spends most evenings from April til November out on the xc courses, coaching, galloping the fields, jumping the jumps or taking a leisurely hack while dreaming about where another new fence can be put.

Harvey Station

Harvey was originally settled in 1838 when approximately 160 people set sail from Berwick, Scotland carrying all the aspirations and dreams of a new life in New Brunswick. After enduring the hardships of the long voyage by sea they learned their land grants in the Parish of Stanley were no longer available. Their plight fell on the sympathetic ear of the Lieutenant Governor of the time, Sir John Harvey who offered each settler 50 acres along the new road from Fredericton to St. Andrews. According to historical accounts, the new community they developed would be known as Harvey Settlement, in honor of the Lieutenant Governor. The rolling fields and pastures that became the working farms of the day still remain and stand as a monument to the perseverance and spirit of those early Scottish settlers. Brae Fearann was one of the original settled farms in Harvey Station. Although the original log house no longer remains, our house dates back to 1910.